In response to the rapidly evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and to give back to the Australian health + wellness community, independent health + wellness PR agency, VIVA! Communications (VIVA!), has today (May 4, 2020) launched the ‘COVID Comms Cast’. 

Comprising VIVA!’s most senior health + wellness communicators well-versed in navigating issues and crisis-rich environments, this strategic communications solution aims to support members of the Australian pharmaceutical, medtech and biotech arenas, and stakeholders with managing their health-related communications during this unprecedented time.

The COVID Comms Cast will team with individuals and organisations to identify opportunities and tailor effective, authentic and accurate health-oriented communication campaigns, messages and collateral to help meet their needs throughout the pandemic. Harnessing their health communications expertise “for good”, and to mark the launch of the COVID Comms Cast, the team will also publish an exclusive, complimentary health-specific e-bulletin for the next six weeks:

  • Housing tips on how to effectively communicate during the current pandemic;
  • Featuring stories, insights, opinions and perspectives from leading Australian clinicians and health experts, and international health communicators, including their very own GLOBALHealthPR partners – for which VIVA! acts as the Asia Pacific (APAC) Hub Lead; and
  • A COVID-19 weekly news wrap.

Members of the Australian pharma, medtech and biotech industries, healthcare professional organisations and patient advocacy groups may subscribe to the e-bulletin here.

Individuals and businesses alike are facing unchartered territory, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the more agile may thrive in connecting and communicating with their respective stakeholders during this disruptive period, others may struggle.

According to VIVA! Communications’ Principal and Owner, Kirsten Bruce, Sydney, now, more than ever, it is crucial for companies to maintain both internal and external communications, and to exercise sensitivity in the crafting of all messages which allow for, and appropriately acknowledge the current environment.                                                                                                                   

“Connecting with internal and external stakeholders in this challenging environment requires knowledge, agility and experience. Since 2002 we have been traversing health-specific issues and crisis-rich environments at VIVA!. The COVID-19 pandemic, although unique, is no exception.

“Through this exclusive e-bulletin series, our COVID Comms Cast will share top tips on how to continue to effectively communicate during the COVID-19 pandemic, and glean clinical and industry insights from a variety of leading health experts,” said Kirsten.

During the past four months, VIVA! has secured a variety of pharmaceutical and professional and patient advocacy projects throughout Asia Pacific. The health + wellness agency has also won a plethora of local business. VIVA! is partnering with QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute and the University of Otago on clinical trial media recruitment for the world’s largest genetic investigation into eating disorders ever performed – Eating Disorders Genetics Initiative (EDGI) – in Australia and New Zealand, respectively. They are also supporting GenesisCare, a leading healthcare provider specialising in the treatment of cancer, heart disease, sleep and respiratory conditions, with COVID-19-related media relations.

In addition, VIVA! is continuing to service existing clients, including BMS, Roche, UCB, Sun Pharma and Sanofi.

To speak to our COVID Comms Cast, or learn more about VIVA!s award-winning health + wellness campaigns, head to or follow us on Facebook @VivaCommunications and Twitter @vivacomms.