VIVA! Communications

Disruptive Public Relations

We’re renowned for performing disruptive PR that challenges the status quo.

Our fully integrated, strategic, health + wellness communication campaigns maximise target audience awareness, outreach & engagement.

We offer a range of health + wellness services.

Product Approvals & Launches

VIVA! Communications has introduced hundreds of new products for the treatment of a plethora of diseases and conditions to international and Australian healthcare professionals and consumers. From prescription and over-the-counter medications, to medical devices – the list is exhaustive.

We also coordinate strategic disease awareness campaigns and ongoing promotions.

Disease Awareness

We specialise in coordinating strategic, fully integrated disease awareness (healthcare professional and consumer-oriented) communication campaigns and ongoing promotions for multinational pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups, through to independent clinicians.

We tailor and meticulously reference our disease awareness materials to specialists, GPs, pharmacists, nurses and patients through to consumers.

No disease awareness campaign is too large or too small for VIVA! Communications.

Copy Writing & Editing

Team VIVA! has a knack for consistently creating written materials of the highest quality.

Our eye for detail means every document is produced with precision, purpose and clarity, and tailored precisely to our client's objectives and target audience.

Our expertise is not limited to medical and consumer media kits. We also excel at producing copy for electronic and hardcopy letters, newsletters, brochures, annual reports, analyses, individual profiles and websites.

No document is released beyond the VIVA! walls before undergoing a rigorous editing process, whereby each word, punctuation mark and reference is heavily scrutinised.

Award Submissions

Team VIVA! specialises in producing Award Submissions for the pharmaceutical industry, and PR and marketing industries.

In addition to our extensive portfolio of prestigious PR awards, we have ghost authored many winning submissions over the past decade for the pharmaceutical industry’s prestigious PRIME Awards on behalf of our valued clientele.

By marrying our vast knowledge of strict pharmaceutical and regulatory Codes of Conduct, with our savvy interpretation of various award criteria, we help our clients to stand out from the crowd, to secure shortlistings, and ultimately, winning submissions.  

Health Professional & Patient Advocacy

VIVA! Communications excels at healthcare professional and patient advocacy.

We have extensive experience working with healthcare professionals to advocate for a shared goal, whether raising awareness of a disease state or condition, or lobbying the government to fund a much-needed treatment.

We work with patients across the full health + wellness spectrum, from those living with ultra-rare, life-threatening diseases, to others managing less serious, but often nagging or embarrassing conditions. We exercise utmost respect, sensitivity and care when communicating with patients and their families and carers.

Stakeholder Engagement

Team VIVA! understands the critical role stakeholders play in the overall success of a strategic communications campaign.

We have widespread experience in seeking and securing key opinion leaders and advocates to help your business maximise stakeholder engagement. We liaise daily with a diverse range of stakeholders, from world leading doctors, surgeons, and celebrities, to sportspeople and patients.

Internal & Stakeholder Communication

We specialise in working with your team to reach internal organisational communication goals, employing effective planning, decision-making, conflict management and leadership strategies.

Team VIVA! can also help your company deliver consistent and unified messaging for stakeholder communication.

Media Relations

"There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and this is not being talked about." – Oscar Wilde

VIVA! Communications lives and breathes media relations. We know and understand traditional and digital media, from print journalists, to broadcast (TV and radio) producers and digital editors. Tailoring high impact messages to target medical, health + wellness media outlets and leveraging our long-standing relationships with the media, is at the crux of what we do.

We specialise in coordinating award-winning health professional and consumer health + wellness awareness and education campaigns, new product launches and ongoing promotions. We help identify key stakeholders, build media relationships and monitor competitor activity. We monitor media coverage and generate in-depth media outcomes analyses.

We excel in preparing stakeholders to engage with the media by offering media training to health professionals and patient advocates.

Issues & Crisis Management

The Chinese word for "crisis" comprises two characters – 危机 – one represents "danger" and the other "opportunity".

Team VIVA! is highly experienced at managing health-related issues and crises and minimising risk.

We specialise in developing corporate and product-related statements for managing internal and external issues and crises that require urgent attention.

We provide in-depth briefings to our clientele and deal sensitively and rationally with the issue and crisis at hand. Media and stakeholder management is also pivotal to our service offering.

Corporate Reputation Management

By combining our health + wellness expertise with a passion for creativity, we can provide counsel on the most fundamental concept of all – your corporate strategy. We are experts at rebranding, repositioning and rebuilding and managing corporate reputations.

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Team VIVA! specialises in developing and executing patient recruitment programs for clinical trials, working with pharmaceutical companies and individual investigators. We pride ourselves on coordinating patient recruitment initiatives of the highest-standard, consistently prioritising the health, safety and privacy of patients.

We have coordinated many successful clinical trial recruitment programs for pharmaceutical companies and not-for-profit organisations, including but not limited to, diseases such as anorexia nervosa, osteoporosis, impaired glucose tolerance (IGT), Type 2 diabetes, genital herpes and atrial fibrillation.

Events Management

VIVA! loves a party. We can help you with all aspects of managing an event, from conception through to execution.

We’ve organised hundreds of successful events, ranging from new product launches, media conferences, media briefings and seminars, to healthcare professional and patient advocacy boards, award competitions, celebrations and more.