About VIVA!

Headquartered in Sydney, VIVA! is a leading, proudly independent, award-winning health + wellness communications agency servicing Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

At VIVA!, we value our independence because it affords our clientele experience, consistency, reliability, versatility and competitive rates.

Because we are not weighed down by red tape, our “owner agency-led” model allows us to think strategically, creatively and deftly at all times to meet our clients’ communication goals.

Our vision

To be recognised as Australia’s leading independent health + wellness communications agency comprising a team of highly professional, passionate and motivated communication specialists who thrive on delivering strategic counsel and have an unrivalled desire to achieve.

Our mission

To deliver strategic, creative and award-winning counsel of the highest quality.

Our values

Leadership; independence; excellence; professionalism; commitment; integrity; creativity; motivation; transparency.