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Health Awareness

The rise of telehealth

For a long time, access to healthcare has been an ongoing struggle for many rural and remote communities around Australia, with many facing long wait times, limited access to specialist services, and the need to travel long distances to major cities. Furthermore, office-workers and parents with young children often have difficulty finding time to attend…

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Aussies & Kiwis with incurable blood cancer receive newly subsidised treatment option

Today, VIVA! partnered with Celgene, a Bristol-Myers Squibb company, Multiple Myeloma Australia and Multiple Myeloma New Zealand to announce a newly reimbursed treatment option for Australians and New Zealanders living with incurable blood cancer, multiple myeloma. REVLIMID® (lenalidomide) – the first and only maintenance treatment in ANZ specifically indicated and reimbursed for those with newly…

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Sleep-deprived Aussies at risk of Alzheimer’s

This World Sleep Day, VIVA! partnered with GenesisCare outlining new research that linked just one night’s lost sleep to increased risk of Alzheimer’s Disease. This research highlights the urgent need for Australian’s to improve their sleep hygiene. The research, recently published in Neurology Journal, reinforces the strong link between lack of sleep and increased levels…

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COVID-19 (coronavirus) – Q&A with VIVA! Principal & owner, Kirsten Bruce

In the wake of Australia’s #toiletpapergate following widespread #coronavirus #panicbuying, VIVA! Communications’ Agency Principal and owner, Kirsten Bruce, is discussing the role of responsible health communications in stemming public panic in the face of a pandemic: Q: How well is this crisis is being handled from both a government and brand communications perspective? A: The…

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National Wear Red Day – Heart Research Australia

It’s that time of year again when you get in trouble with your significant other for forgetting a Valentine’s Day gift or have to pay triple the price for a bunch of sad looking roses from the supermarket on the way home! But for us at VIVA! Communications, February 14 is an important day as…

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