If statistics are anything to go by, the majority of people reading this will have resolved to live better in 2012, whether getting fitter, quitting smoking, cutting back on alcohol, or spending more time with family and friends.

However statistically, three-quarters of people would have given up already. According to a British survey, just nine days into the exciting (and possibly apocalyptic) 2012, was when willpower waned. Sadly that rugged determination felt on January 1, fuelled by one-too-many glasses of champagne the night before, is quickly lost among the unopened emails and seemingly-endless to-do list once back at work.

Fortunately, Team VIVA! is here to help you reboot your resolutions. We’ve gathered the top 5 tips for keeping your resolutions:

  1. Aim low
  2. Don’t overload yourself
  3. Tell everyone you know
  4. Reward yourself
  5. Don’t let the small stumbles bring you down.

Here’s what Team VIVA! are resolving:

Kirsten, Principal

  • To play tennis and do a pilates class once a week.
  • To spend more quality time with my beautiful little girls, Zahra, 3 and Bianka, 1 who are growing up incredibly fast.
  • To enjoy our beautiful new working environment, complete with kookaburras, rabbits, harbour views and nudists along the Mosman peninsula!

Denise, Account Manager

  • To get my daily dose of vitamin D during work hours while enjoying our stunning harbour views.
  • To make more time for hobbies such as Bikram yoga, life drawing, scuba diving and even camping!

Kirsty, Account Executive

  • To do everything on the ‘top 100 things to-do in Sydney’ list.
  • To eat breakfast more regularly.

Mahsa, Account Associate

  • To start a herb garden, and keep it alive for at least 30 days into the New Year.
  • To quit my gym and get outdoors instead to keep fit and healthy.


Still lacking motivation? The Department of Health and Ageing has developed a free 12-week planner to help people make changes towards a healthier lifestyle or check out Body & Soul’s top 50 health and fitness apps.