Here at VIVA! Communications we’ve just retuned from holidays and are now getting into the swing of things. We feel certain that this will be a year of growth on both personal and professional levels.

Many people welcome the new year as an opportunity to start fresh or to try out new things.
Some quit smoking, some swear to stop biting their nails, and others join the gym, cut their hair and relocate to a different city or start a new job! In other words, we humans like to identify a specific date or time to stop an old habit or start a new one.

While our enthusiasm and motivation may last only a month or two, as you know, if you’ve tried and failed to stamp out an old habit or to adopt a new one, it can be hard to maintain that motivation!

However, some people do succeed and they do so because they have a specific goal in mind. They formulate a strategy and carry it out and know exactly when they have succeeded.

Many parallels may be drawn to PR and the development of a new campaign. The recipe for success in changing your own behaviour is similar to that of a PR campaign for in both scenarios, you must know where you want to go, how to get there and when you’ve arrived.

Here are five questions to help you kick-start setting some achievable goals for 2013:

1) Is this something you really want to achieve?

2) Why do you want to achieve it?

3) What will happen if you don’t change your current behaviour?

4) What will happen if you succeed?

5) What steps can you take today to get started?

VIVA! Communications wishes you a Happy New Year and the best of luck with reaching your goals for 2013.