If you’re seeking an inspiring story of personal transformation through creative goal-setting and sheer resilience, then look no further than Kerri Pottharst.

The three-time Olympian, Sydney 2000 Olympic Gold Medallist, and President of the Beach Volleyball Commission, has many valuable tips on how to prepare mentally and physically for a sporting event through personal motivation and effective goal-setting.

Having represented Australia for 22 years, clinching gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Kerri is convening a workshop on creative goal-setting and effective sports injury management at the Australian Physiotherapy Association Conference (APA) in Melbourne this Saturday, October 19 from 12.00 to 12.30pm.

Kerri and her former volleyball partner, Natalie Cook, dominated the international volleyball scene for 10 years, before Kerri was inducted into the international Volleyball Hall of Fame in 2007.

After enduring six knee surgeries that threatened to end her professional and coaching career, along with many less serious injuries common to ‘weekend warriors’, including soft tissue trauma, muscle soreness, stiffness and inflammation, Kerri is highly cognisant of the importance of effective injury management.

“I’ve been an athlete for more than 25 years. With age, I’m realising how important it is to take extra care of myself and use only the best natural products available,” said Kerri.

According to Kerri, an ambassador for FisiocremSOLUGEL – a natural and readily-accessible solution for common muscle aches and pains, available in pharmacy – people think athletes are born with a special talent.

“While some are, most achieve greatness through hard work, persistence and strategic goal-setting,” Kerri said.

In 1993 Kerri’s boyfriend at the time gave her a new, white volleyball and encouraged her to write a goal on every panel of the ball. On the last panel she wrote, ‘Beach volleyball – the 1996 Atlanta Olympics’.

“At the time, I never genuinely thought I would make the cut for the Olympics, let alone win bronze in Atlanta, participate in three Olympic Games and clinch gold at the Sydney 2000 Olympics,” said Kerri.

If you’re hoping to forge a long-term career in sport and are seeking some invaluable tips on how to creatively prepare mentally and physically, pick up a copy of Kerri’s book entitled ‘The business of being an athlete’.