Leading experts will this Friday (September 30) deliver a startling wake-up call on the appalling state of our nation’s bone health, with almost one-in-three Australians living with brittle bones, and many unaware of the risk factors, according to two independent studies.

New findings from the Geelong Osteoporosis Study, just published in the Medical Journal of Australia, demonstrate the magnitude of Australians living with osteoporosis and its potential precursor, osteopaenia.

A separate Osteoporosis Australia GP and Consumer Tracking Study will reveal how poorly bone health ranks on the public’s agenda, and the insufficient attention it receives from healthcare professionals in general practice.

According to Associate Professor Julie Pasco, Geelong Osteoporosis Study co-author: “This study re-enforces what we know about osteoporosis – it’s a disease that needs greater awareness.”

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