Do you spend hours each day, wedded to your computer?

Are you guilty of spending most of the day slouched over, texting on your phone?

Do you have neck pain that won’t subside?

Despite all of its merits, our obsession with technology is damaging our health.

‘Tech neck’ or ‘text neck’ is caused by the neck bending over while we look at a phone or computer. This posture applies additional weight to the spine, which accelerates the wear and tear process, causing pain and weakness in the neck, which can lead to more severe or permanent injury.

The upside is, that by changing your habits ever so slightly, you can reduce your risk of developing tech/text neck and still enjoy technology. Simply:

  1. Sit or stand up straight, pull your shoulders back slightly, and bring your phone up to eye level, in order to avoid bending over to read the screen.
  1. Try not to type long messages on your phone and use a computer for lengthy correspondence.
  1. Adjust your computer monitor at eye level, to help minimise neck strain and to maintain a good posture.
  1. Stay hydrated. The discs in your spine mostly comprise water, so it’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day to help keep them pliable and healthy.
  1. Exercise regularly and focus on developing strong core muscles, which contribute to good posture. Pilates is a great solution to creating a beautiful posture.

If you, a family member, friend, or even a patient whom you know is experiencing neck pain or needs to improve their posture and core stability with pilates, give Lyndsey Henderson and her team at My Mobile Physio a call on 1300 791 249 or visit

Written by guest author, Lyndsey Henderson, Senior Physiotherapist and Director, My Mobile Physio, Sydney – a professional physiotherapy service offered in a location that suits you, whether at home, work or at the gym.

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