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Going “booze-free” for Dry July to help those affected by cancer

Are you willing to give up the booze this month? By celebrating ‘Dry July’, you’ll not only improve your general health and wellness, but also raise much needed funds for those affected by cancer, including patients and their carer’s. By abstaining from the bottle this month, you’ll be making a valuable contribution to wellness programs,…

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Could we soon see the rise of rehabilitation clinics catering to other types of addiction?

As most will know, drug, alcohol, and gambling addictions are commonly treated in rehabilitation clinics. At VIVA! we’ve worked with DARA Rehab helping those afflicted by the aforementioned addictions to seek the help they need. In our increasingly digitally-focused society, however, other addictions are beginning to arise. As a result, the World Health Organisation (WHO)…

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A successful cocktail for long-term behavioural changes

It’s Friday afternoon and your office may be warming up for the weekend with a couple of drinks. This month, however, fewer colleagues than usual will be heading to the pub with you, as many Australians participate in Febfast. Febfast is a national health and fundraising initiative that challenges people to give up the booze…

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