Boehringer Ingelheim Managing Director, Wes Cook has been reappointed as Medicines Australia (MA) Chair, despite having stepped down per an agreement with the pharmaceutical body.

After assuming the role in October 2015 as Dr Martin Cross’ successor, Mr Cook had agreed to stand down from his interim role as MA Chair following the most recent Board Meeting held this week.

During his tenure, Mr Cook has worked hard to sustain the role and value of MA, steering the organisation through a period of recovery, post- the PBS Access and Sustainability Package, which was received poorly by investors.

Mr Cook further supported the governing body when Tim James retired as MA CEO, following a relatively turbulent 14-month tenure, during which relations with the Federal Government soured. He was also involved in the appointment of new CEO, Milton Catelin, who replaced interim CEO, Lee Hill in August, 2016, with whom Mr Cook worked closely on a strategic review of the organisation.

Mr Cook’s reappointment will see him retain the role of MA Chair until October 2017, when the Board will hold an election.