Today marks Purple Day – a global epilepsy awareness initiative – and in support of patients living with, and affected by, epilepsy, Team VIVA! proudly donned purple for the cause.

Team VIVA! decked out in purple minus MD & photographer, Paul Jans

Throughout March, VIVA! has teamed with epilepsy patient support associations nation-wide to heighten awareness and understanding of epilepsy in the lead up to Purple Day today (March 26, 2013) (see Unmasking epilepsy stigma – a patient and carer perspective). As a result, the general public has thrown their weight behind the cause in support of our campaign.

What is Purple Day?

Purple Day is an international grassroots initiative designed to increase awareness about epilepsy worldwide. On March 26 each year,  people world-wide are invited to wear purple and host events in support of epilepsy awareness. Last year, people from dozens of countries on all continents including Antarctica participated in Purple Day! Our list of Partner Organizations from around the world is also growing!

How to get involved in Purple Day

It’s not too late to participate in Purple Day. Awareness and fundraising events are still being held nation-wide and will continue to occur throughout March. To find out how you can help raise awareness of epilepsy at home, school, in your workplace or even via social media – visit the websites below today.

Epilepsy Australia
Epilepsy Action