As February draws to a close, the cooler days will inevitably begin to outnumber the warmer ones. Ushered in alongside the chilly temperatures will be viruses such as the flu and rhinovirus (the common cold).

At VIVA! we’re not only dedicated to inspiring healthy lifestyles through our PR work in the general community, but we’re also wary of it in ourselves. This autumn, we’ll be looking toward the olive leaf extract in order to provide an immune system boost pre-winter.

The olive itself and olive oil are well-known products of the olive tree, however olive leaf extract is yet to have its turn in the spotlight. With cardioprotective and antioxidant effects, olive leaf extract is a powerful tool for combatting various physical ailments. They also have the ability to stop the angiogenic process, a process which stimulates the growth of tumours. The olive leaf has also been proven to lower blood pressure, control glucose levels and has the ability to fight off various types of infection.

The cold and flu defensive properties of olive leaf extract come from its ability to regulate the human immune response. The phyto-nutrients in the extract have an antioxidant capacity higher than vitamin C.

Olive leaf extract is set to become a staple in the VIVA! office in the lead up to winter to keep us fit and healthy so we can continue to work hard and provide industry leading results to our clients.