markToday (Friday, September 16, 2016), VIVA! Communications’ QLD Branch Manager, Mark Henderson is setting off on a two-week exchange to the United States of America, as Australia’s first representative of the GLOBALHealthPR Employee Exchange Program.

The Program aims to enhance the connectivity of GLOBALHealthPR agencies through collaboration, best practice sharing, and insights into the drivers that affect health and science communications in different markets worldwide, and to build professional relationships with other GLOBALHealthPR personnel worldwide.

Representing VIVA! Communications, Mark will spend one week at the Spectrum Health offices in Washington DC, and the ensuing week in the GLOBALHealthPR headquarters, in New York City.

The exchange will offer Mark the opportunity to immerse himself in US PR culture. He will learn how US PR agencies operate, identify opportunities for synergies, collaboration and business development activities, and conversely, be granted the opportunity to share information and best practice on how healthcare PR is performed in Australia.

Mark relayed his excitement about been selected by VIVA! Communications Management to participate in this invaluable Exchange Program.

“I’m very excited about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be participating in the GLOBALHealthPR Employee Exchange Program.

“I’m so eager to learn as much as I can about healthcare PR while I’m in the US, to gain practical experience, and to hopefully add some value by presenting various Australian healthcare PR case studies to my US Spectrum and GLOBALHealthPR peers,” said Mark.

“Spectrum do amazing work, and are leading healthcare PR agency. I can’t wait to soak up as much information and knowledge that I can from this great experience.”

VIVA! Communications’ Managing Director, Paul Jans said Mark had earned this professional opportunity due to his loyalty, commitment and contribution to VIVA!.

“Mark is most deserving of this opportunity. We wish him well on this Exchange Program and look forward to him sharing his knowledge and experience about his tenure with Spectrum and GLOBALHealthPR following his return to Australia.”

“We are also looking forward to welcoming Spectrum Account Director, Kaitlin Bowen to VIVA! Communications in October for a reciprocal two week exchange.”