12 years of VIVA!

12 years of VIVA!

We wish to thank you, our loyal clientele and supporters, for the privilege of reaching this important milestone.

At VIVA!, we strive to deliver innovative, strong and successful PR campaigns no matter what the timeline or budget allocation.

We’ve worked with some of the best in the biz and have developed a longstanding reputation for delivering award-winning healthcare PR campaigns.

This year we’ve welcomed new staff to team VIVA! and secured invaluable support for our campaigns from various celebrities including Australian model and former epilepsy patient, Nathan Joliffe, and cricket legend and pro-vaccination advocate, Max Walker.

While a day can prove a long time in the world of PR,12 years represents a lifetime. During this period, VIVA! has clocked up countless wins and losses, weathered trials and tribulations, and successfully managed issues and crises, with elbow grease, blood, sweat and tears to spare.

This year has been wonderful for VIVA!, with a string of campaigns, and media coverage to boot. We’re extremely proud of our extended family, including all of you. So here’s to many happy returns and celebrating the next 12 years with VIVA!