Last week was an exciting week at VIVA! HQ. We clinched first place in the highly coveted Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) State Awards of Excellence held at the NSW Art Gallery, for our entry in the Health Organisations category, Granting PNH community the gift of life – funding secured for life-saving treatment.

This Award honoured the commitment and passion invested by Team VIVA!, in concert with the PNH Association of Australia throughout 2010, that led to the seventh treatment ever to be listed on the Life Saving Drugs Program (LSDP) on January 1 this year.

We also received recognition for the following three PR campaigns, by making the finals of last Thursday’s 2011 PRIME Awards, held at The Westin in Sydney:

• Originators vs generics – finalist
• Granting PNH community the gift of life – finalist
• Beating Brittle Bones – finalist.

Team VIVA! with the 2011 PRIME Sales Team of the Year recipients, the National Warner Chilcott Sales Team.

It was our inaugural attendance at the PRIME Awards and we had a great night brushing shoulders with pharmaceutical industry representatives. View photos from the night here.