Here at VIVA! we take health and wellness very seriously, which is why this month our fabulous Account Executive, Ben Pike, decided to participate in ‘Dry July’, a fundraiser that encourages you to go alcohol free for one whole month to raise money for people affected by cancer.

VIVA! has worked over the years with many clients dedicated to improving the quality of life of those people living with cancer and it’s a cause close to our hearts.

“I decided to sign up for Dry July this month as I believe in giving back. This can be hard when living a hectic lifestyle, as you get a bit wrapped up in your own world.”

“Unfortunately, cancer has taken members of my family, which, as you can imagine, has caused a great deal of pain and devastation. Not withstanding my binge drinking habits and love of red wine, I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for Dry July and raise some money for the foundation,” said Ben.

Determined to stay sober, he has now successfully completed the month, and is very much looking forward to a glass of wine (or two) this evening! Ben participated as a part of a team with four of his friends, so far raising over $2,000, of which Ben raised $750. Overall, an amazing outcome and we’re very proud of him!

“It’s been a tough month. It made me realise the amount of alcohol I consume and how it become a common part of most of my social situations. I have felt much healthier and I have been incredibly productive as a result. Not to mention the amount of money it has saved me!

“It feels amazing to support a fundraiser that will provide invaluable services for cancer patients, their families and carers,” Ben said.

Ben and VIVA! Communications would also like to thank GLOBALHealthPR for their generous donation to Ben’s fundraiser.

Donations are still accepted during August, so if you would like to contribute, you can do so via the link below:

Find out more about the Dry July Foundation here: