As The Year of the Sheep draws to a close, no doubt you’re feeling completely spent, stressed, fatigued and in desperate need of a holiday.

Well, have no fear, for the 2016 health + wellness trends are here.Here’s what’s in-store for the New Year!Here’s what’s in-store for the New Year!

Here’s what’s in-store for the New Year!


1. Fitness DNA

If you’ve been meaning to hit the gym all year but are yet to do so, why not make this your New Year’s resolution for 2016!

Fitness training now combines the science of DNA with tests that help determine an appropriate training response from your body and what exercises suit you best.

For example, if you’re prone to injury, tests can determine whether you would suit a boot camp-style training session or a low impact activity, such as yoga.Workplace wellness.


2. Workplace wellness

With more than four million Australians taking a career break on account of stress and burn-out, workplaces are supporting their staff through wellness with healthy sabbaticals and ‘bleisure’ trips. Bleisure – where business meets leisure – is a new trend set to balance life and work within the workplace. More businesses are offering wellness retreats to help minimise employee burn-out.


3. Oxygen therapy and fitness training

Wellness spas are growing in popularity due to the increasing effects of pollution and allergens and their offering of ‘hypoxic training’. This form of training uses supplemental oxygen to encourage the natural oxygenation process, improve the efficiency at which your respiratory system can supply oxygen, in order to minimise exhaustion, lack of focus and vitality caused by a lack of cellular oxygenation.

‘Oxygenated fitness training’ is also on the rise, with oxygen-boosted workouts permitting the body to perform to its full aerobic potential.Active meditation


4. Active meditation

This trend is designed to reduce stress, increase self-awareness and enhance emotional intelligence. By allowing the individual to practice self-awareness through meditation while on the move, this exercise helps even the busiest of minds experience inner peace and relaxation.


5. Fertility wellness

Fertility issues are becoming increasingly common, and may, in part, be attributed to the mounting pressure and stress of our daily lives. Couples are turning to “wellness retreats” in an effort to banish stress and increase their chances of conceiving naturally. Through healthy nutrition plans, wellness programs, spa therapies, yoga and meditation, couples are being encouraged from many quarters to release stress and focus on the “here and now”.


6. Healthy solo travel – not just for singles!

We all know someone who loves to jet-set off alone, on a journey of personal freedom and experiences, which can turn us green with envy.

However the trend is for couples to take a break and head off solo, allowing them to focus on their personal wellbeing, goals and aspirations. This doesn’t necessarily represent a trip to Spain, but rather, a yoga retreat or fitness boot camp as the solution to finding inner peace and harmony.


7. Natural beauty

Going green is no longer just a catch-phrase. With luxury spas turning to nature through the use of naturally-sourced and produced products and ingredients, the “natural beauty treatment” has arrived.

An outdoor spa treatment using natural products sourced from the natural surroundings is available to all.

By going natural, you can break away from the often harsh chemicals and invasive treatments that we tend to use on our bodies.


8. Back to nature fitness

By exercising outdoors, getting back to nature and experiencing our body’s full potential, we can adapt our movements to our immediate environment. There are a plethora of fitness holidays offering jungle gym circuit trainings, beach-side boot camps and guided coastal swimming. This trend is suited to the adventurous who love to run on the beach, bike in the jungle, kayak in the ocean, and abseil down a cliff.


9. Healthy foodie holidays

Healthy foodie retreats spruiked by healthy eating gurus are on the rise. Retreats offering healthy cooking classes and seasonal farm-to-table cuisine harvested from backyard farms or gardens are becoming hugely popular holiday destinations. The retreats offer healthy diet and nutrition options, allowing foodies to choose wellness meal plans, including raw food diets.


So which trend will you be keen to follow in the New Year?

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