A free online tool is now available to parents wishing to assess their child’s risk of developing myopia, or short-sightedness.

‘My Kids Vision’, developed by Myopia Profile Incorporated researchers Paul & Kate Gifford, features a simple, six question online survey to help parents assess their child’s myopia (blurry long distance vision) risk. The tool also provides fast facts and compelling stats involving the causes of, and risks associated with developing myopia.

Given the doubling of childhood myopia cases recorded among 12 year old Aussie kids between 2005 and 2011 due to lifestyle factors, including increased access to screens, smart phone and tablet use, and computer games, My Kids Vision is an invaluable health assessment tool that every parent should embrace.

After completing the online survey, users receive an individualised risk report focusing on their child’s genetic, environmental and individual risk, along with tips on how to slow the progression of their child’s myopia. These tips include catching early signs of the eye disease; spending no more than three hours, in addition to school time, on close work, such as reading, homework or screen time; ensuring computers are positioned correctly; taking regular screen breaks; and playing outside for at least 90 minutes a day.

To take the test or learn more about My Kids Vision, head to mykidsvision.org today.