When I first heard the rumblings that yet another mobile social media platform had launched into the market, I was somewhat sceptical.

But I have learnt a lot more about Instagram since. I now know that it boasts around 100 million users and after some research, have found that the free, instant photo-sharing app (now owned by Facebook) might just be of use to healthcare associations, organisations and even healthcare professionals.

Healthcare communications blog, TheBuzzBin.com gives some suggestions as to how a health brand might use Instagram to tell its story:

  • Let followers see who you are, what you are about: In the age of social media, your followers want to see authentic pictures of your people. Build trust and loyalty by sharing photos of your employees at work; a day-in-the-life at your office i.e employees at lunch or play.

    VIVA! at work in the office

  • Share a sneak peek: Make your followers feel special by rewarding them with a first look at something few have seen yet. It could be an event or an exclusive glimpse/heads up to a new campaign, ad.


  • Behind the scenes shots: A good example given of this was a hospital in Atlanta, US  which decided to raise awareness for living donor transplants by providing minute-by-minute updates on their social media networks, including photos on Instagram; You could show shots of a media event/stunt; celebrity endorsing the brand.
  • Pictures that show what your brand represents: If you’re a health foundation or healthy lifestyle brand for      example, it’s time for you to start sharing motivational photos and health      tips that educate or inspire your followers to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Comical or creative displays of a service, campaign, event: To set your brand      apart, you may look at sharing quirky or funny pictures of staff or an      event/conference/campaign.