There’s no better feeling when running a strategic health + wellness communications agency than to identify a need, and be able to deliver a solution. We get to do that today with the introduction of Reimbursography – a strategic communications programme that leverages country-specific access insights to shape the value context for reimbursement success.

Reimbursography has been developed by GLOBALHealthPR – the world’s largest independent health and science communications agency partnership – which we represent exclusively in Australia.

Our GLOBALHealthPR clients discover some of the world’s most innovative treatments for life-threatening conditions, saving and improving lives around the globe. They invest billions of dollars in the science and in the people who develop treatments for cancer, infectious and cardiovascular diseases, and more. Yet when their medicines make it through regulatory approvals, they face huge obstacles in global market access and reimbursement. A treatment’s value to the patient, the community and the healthcare system as a whole, is reduced to a discussion – usually an overwhelmingly contentious one – about the cost of the prescription.

However, price is not really the issue here. It’s about recognition – by all decision makers – of the value that a new treatment brings to the market. To achieve that recognition, you need to build and tell a compelling and credible value story.

In our inaugural Reimbursography White Paper, “Pharma Market Access Success: Shifting the Dialogue from Price to Value Through Strategic Communications”, we demonstrate how communications creates the right environment for value recognition.

Market demand for a new approach

At GLOBALHealthPR, we see an opportunity to redefine market access communications, building the story early in the drug development process, and sustaining it throughout the product lifecycle. Clients are increasingly turning to us for help with market access challenges. In Australia and other countries in which we live and work, our GLOBALHealthPR partners have seen restrictions attached to reimbursement agreements and the reluctance of companies to even launch a product in some markets. Reimbursography reflects our collective capabilities to substantiate and communicate the value of an innovative treatment for funding, access, coverage and reimbursement in markets around the world.

What makes GLOBALHealthPR stand out with regard to market access communications?

  • GLOBALHealthPR is a connected global network that works effectively and efficiently in key geographies around the world. Check out our high-level market access and reimbursement insights for key markets in our Reimbursography guides.
  • Our global partnership includes expertise in health communications, PhD scientists, best-in-class market access consultants and trusted counsellors with in-country experience and relationships.
  • We engage our clients to conduct a value analysis and unite company cross-functional leaders and key market access stakeholders for an open dialogue about value, to ultimately arrive at a customised value communications playbook. Download the White Paper and get in touch with GLOBALHealthPR to learn how Reimbursography can help tell your product’s story, to showcase its value to the marketplace.


Kirsten Bruce

Principal & Owner

VIVA! Communications & exclusive Australian partner, GLOBALHealthPR