“Pneumococcal pneumonia is a severe lung infection caused by the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae, responsible for a large proportion of pneumonia cases among those aged 65 years and above” – A/Prof Lucy Morgan. 

According to Lung Foundation Australia’s ‘Lungs4Life’ research released this week, fewer than one-in-seven Australians (14 per cent) aged 18 to 74 who have a health or age-related risk-factor for pneumonia, consider themselves at high risk of contracting the infection, with 63 per cent of people aged 18 to 64 years who have a risk factor that predisposes them to pneumonia, considering themselves at low risk of infection.

Did you know pneumonia is a potentially life-threatening lung infection? The lungs comprise small sacs which fill with air when a healthy person breathes. When a person has pneumonia, these sacs fill with pus and fluid, which makes breathing painful, causes cough and limits oxygen intake.

See Lung Foundation Australia’s infographic, which describes pneumonia, highlights those at-risk of the infection and the symptoms to look out for.


Lung Foundation Australia urges all Australians aged 18 and above who are considered at-risk of contracting pneumonia, people aged 65 or older, and those eligible for a second vaccine after five years, to recognise its seriousness, and protect against the infection. 

For more information, call Lung Foundation Australia on 1800 654 301.