For years, cosmetic treatments promising a quick-fix   were hotly debated, but are nowadays considered the norm.

No longer do we blink any eye at cosmetic injectable parties or online advertisements for  injectables, fillers and other cosmetic treatments that tend to pop up as frequently as clothing and fast-food ads.

With cosmetic treatments increasingly skewed towards the preventative and minimally invasive, the old adage, “no pain, no gain” and the classic brutality of the beauty industry, is now a thing of the past.

“Many therapists are choosing to adopt a more synergistic, soft approach to skincare and many beauty treatments,” according to the Sydney Morning Herald life and style reporter, Sarah Berry.

Many keyboard warriors have embraced the trending topic, lending their perspective on the extremes that some individuals are willing to go to in their bid for perfection.

“Allowing nature to rebalance itself is not as quick – you’re not beating the body into submission … It’s the same as dieting – looking for the quick-fix – you don’t change your diet, you change your way,” explains Sue Dann, skincare expert for OmniDerm.

Men are increasingly jumping on the bandwagon in their quest to access cosmetic treatments in order to “look and feel their best.”

Last week saw the launch of Ageless Men’s Health Clinics, Australia’s first dedicated holistic Men’s Health Network of doctors and nurses actively committed to generating positive health and wellbeing outcomes for men of all ages. They have three locations opening in Sydney following hot on the heels of the chain’s first launch in Darwin.

“The fact that this clinic can even open and advertise itself, is a sign of things changing,” said Scott Griffiths, body image expert and PhD Candidate at the School of Psychology, University of Sydney.

“You’ve got a really big market. You’ve just got to find a way to make it discreet for them and that’s why I think a male-only clinic will succeed.

“The last thing a guy wants to do is admit to a girl that he’s unhappy with his appearance,” he said.

What are you in favour of? Preservation of youth or ageing gracefully? Share your thoughts with us.