A nasty ‘pink’ turf war has erupted in the battle for the charity dollar this month – Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Use of the words “think pink” and “together we can make a difference” have raised the ire of the McGrath Foundation and the Think Pink Foundation following the Sunday Telegraph magazine’s breast cancer auction last weekend in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).

The magazine featured glamazons Sarah Murdoch, Montana Cox and Jessica Gomes donning exclusive pink dresses for a GraysOnline auction under the headline “Think Pink” and carrying the slogan, “together we can make a difference”.

The two breast cancer charities sprang into action, requesting the NBCF to remove the words from the auction site, given they are registered trademarks for the respective charities.

A spokeswoman from The McGrath Foundation cited “together we can make a difference” was integral to the charity’s logo and that it was “important consumers understand exactly where their dollar is going.”

A lawyer representing Think Pink further defended the request for removal of the terminology used, stating “It is critical that Think Pink controls how their trademark is used to ensure they can continue fundraising.”