Findings from a bodyandsoul-commissioned YouGov Galaxy survey released Sunday, September 2, 2018 provide some quirky insights into the current state of Aussie men’s health and wellness.

According to the online survey, which captured responses from more than 1,000 men Australia-wide:

  • 68 per cent of respondents had undergone a blood pressure check and 59 per cent a cholesterol check in the past two years;
  • 38 per cent had undergone a skin cancer check in the past two years;
  • Yet only 29 per cent had undergone a prostate cancer check, and 28 per cent, a bowel cancer check in the past two years.

Blood pressure and cholesterol checks are critical, because they assess an individual’s risk of stroke, heart attack and arterial disease. A faecal occult blood test designed to detect bowel cancer should also be performed bi-annually by aged over 50.

On the upside, 90 per cent of male respondents said they had resorted to lifestyle changes to improve their general health and wellbeing, although 64 per cent cited they were overweight, while 15 per cent continue to smoke every day.

Male Millennials are the most satisfied with their sex lives (64 per cent), followed by Generation X (59 per cent) and Baby Boomers (48 per cent) respectively. Although one-in-three men claim to hit the sack once a week, 46 per cent have experienced erectile problems – a common (often advancing age-related) problem that can often be simply rectified by a GP.

Aussie blokes tend to be both sleep deprived and stressed, with 54 per cent of Baby Boomer respondents waking up at least twice a night, and 80 per cent of male respondents affected by some form of stress in their lives. Male Millennials tip the scales as Australia’s most stressed out generation, while men in general worry more about money than anything else.

On the diet and exercise front, three-in-four men get their exercise fix through walking, although overall male participation in team sports wanes dramatically with age, with only 7 per cent of Baby Boomers playing a regular team sport.

Importantly, almost one-in-two (47 per cent) men take a supplement at least weekly, although 50 per cent consume alcohol at least once a week.

In summary, although the report card on Aussie blokes health and wellness is not all doom and gloom, there’s certainly much room for improvement!

To best determine the state of your health and wellness, visit your GP without delay.