Influential PR newsletter, The PR Report has a new owner in the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA).

The purchase of the newsletter by the MEAA for an undisclosed sum from founder, Glen Frost, comes on the back of what is described as “major turmoil” following a change in leadership to the main PR industry body, the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA).

Following its general meeting in February, and the loss of confidence from key parts of PRIA membership including the Registered Consultancy Group and the PRIA College of Fellows championed the idea of a change in leadership.

This led to a decision from Terri-Helen Gaynor to resign from her role as PRIA president in February, followed almost immediately by “en masse” resignations of all PRIA board members excluding WA representative Katharina Wolf.

Coming under some scrutiny, MEAA spokesperson, Paul Murphy said the changes in PRIA leadership and “en masse” resignations of PRIA board members had nothing to do with the MEAA’s decision to purchase the newsletter.

Murphy said that by purchasing the PR Report, the MEAA is hoping to improve its offering to members in the PR and communications arena.

“We’ve always had members in public relations and communications and if anything, we (the MEAA) have an increasing number of members in that area.”

Under its new ownership, the PR Report will also have a new editor with Ross Nielson taking the helm.

Welcoming the MEAA’s purchase of the PR Report and appointment of Ross Nielson, Glen Frost described Ross as, “a very experienced communications practitioner, with over 30 years media and PR industry experience.”

VIVA! Communications wanted to thank Glen for his support over the years and wish him well for the future.

The change in ownership of the PR Report became effective as of Tuesday, April 14, 2014.