There’s no denying that digital communications have become a huge part of our daily lives. From mobile apps to Facebook, from infographics toonline tutorials, the ways in which we interact and learn have certainly changed in recent years.

VIVA! Communications has been offering digital communication solutions to our clients for the past decade, and we consider ourselves part of the digital health revolution. With this heritage in both digital and health + wellness comms, we are pleased and excited to announce the launch of VIVA! Digital.

With a dedicated team of digital and social media communicators, our mission is to influence health + wellness across digital platforms with strategic and relevant story telling.

In our field, it is important to not only understand the nature of digital and social media but also to know the pharmaceutical industry, including the Code of Conduct and adverse events reporting. Adhering to these standards is what makes or breaks a company’s reputation and we get that.

These days a social media policy is a best-practice must-have in any industry, but for health in particular, it is crucial that the policy lives up to the relevant industry code. VIVA!’s digital team can assist in developing such a policy.

Digital and social media channels are more than tools for spreading key messages. To navigate in the digital space, you need industry knowledge on how best to package and tailor your story for the specific audiences.

Our digital services include strategy and branding, design and production, web development and social media communication.

Have a peek at our portfolio of 3D animations, online fact files, infographics, websites and mini-documentaries.

For savvy digital solutions that stand out from the crowd, get in touch with a VIVA! Digital health strategist today.