As high quality, Australian-made, infant and toddler formula continues to fly off retail shelves, Australia’s market leading children’s supplement brand*,  Kids Smart, is coming to the rescue.

Today’s launch of Kids Smart Infant Formula and Toddler Milk, available exclusively to Chemist Warehouse nation-wide, should help curb the spiralling Chinese and local demand for trusted, home-grown infant and toddler formula.

According to Kids Smart Infant Formula Brand Manager, Ms Megan Cracknell, Sydney, the move into infant and toddler formula represents an exciting development for Australia’s leading kid’s vitamin brand.

“Kids Smart stands for ‘growing healthy kids’, and today’s launch of our Kids Smart Infant Formula, Kids Smart Follow-on and Kids Smart Toddler Milk, is consolidating our unrivalled expertise in children’s nutrition.”

The new Kids Smart Infant Formula and Toddler Milk is set to help relieve the local infant formula shortage. Despite many Australian retailers imposing strict two-tin per customer limits across infant formula brands, many mums are finding it increasingly difficult to find baby formula and toddler milk made from quality Australian milk.

Chinese demand for Australian infant formula has boomed over the past 12 months following serious contamination scares of Chinese manufactured infant formula. This demand is placing huge strain on Australian retailers and suppliers, as the Chinese buy trusted Australian infant formula by the trolley-full, which they ship back to China, or sell for a massive profit on the lucrative Chinese online market.

The new offering from Kids Smart features three consecutive formulas designed to meet the evolving nutritional needs and dietary requirements of babies and toddlers as they grow, learn and develop.

Kid Smart Infant Formula is suitable for newborns and infants from birth to six months of age.  Kids Smart Follow-On is designed for babies aged six-to-12 months, while Kids Smart Toddler Milk is tailored to the growing nutritional requirements of busy toddlers aged from one-to-three years.

“It’s an exciting time for parents, and Kids Smart aims to share and support this journey with a premium, Australian-made and owned toddler milk made entirely from Australian milk sourced from the world-renowned Victorian dairy region, that’s tailored to the toddler’s changing needs,” Ms Cracknell said.

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