Join Health Engagement Manager for IMS Consulting, Cathy Withers at the 2012 Digital Pharma Seminar tomorrow (Wednesday, August 8 ) to learn why and how pharma should be jumping on the digital bandwagon.

“Pharmaceutical companies should be developing and adopting digital marketing strategies and processes to better engage and communicate with their audiences.

“Our customers are using digital channels for education, convenience and to communicate with each other. As pharmaceutical marketers, we need to identify ways we can add value through digital interactions with healthcare professionals and consumers,” Ms Withers said.

According to Ms Withers, in spite of the regulations regarding pharmaceutical product promotion, there is immense scope for digital and social media marketing in the pharmaceutical sector.

“Digital and social media marketing has the potential to help pharmaceutical companies forge more effective relationships with healthcare professionals, encourage collaboration between groups of specific healthcare professionals, and add value to patients.

“Digital marketing is also very measurable, can be remarkably cost efficient and can enhance our marketing and sales effectiveness, if done well,” said Ms Withers.

“With doctor access becoming harder, pharmaceutical companies need to look outside the traditional business model for new ways to build these relationships.

“Digital marketing is very measurable, it can be remarkably cost efficient and can enhance our marketing and sales effectiveness if done well,” Ms Withers said.

Registrations are still open for the Sydney 2012 Digital Pharma Seminar.

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