At VIVA! Communications, we believe in uplifting women and embracing equity in health + wellness.

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day (IWD) – a day that has symbolised the Women’s Rights movement since 1975. This IWD, we are focusing on achieving equitable access to healthcare and equity within the healthcare industry.

Health systems and stakeholders need to embrace equity and take action to promote women’s health. More women in leadership roles within the industry is pivotal to prioritising gender-responsive research and policies.

It is crucial to consider gender inequalities within the health + wellness sector that remain unaddressed to date, such as mental health, stereotypes, and pay gaps which heighten the risk of physical and mental illness.

Embracing equity is about recognising that equal opportunities are not enough. Acknowledging that people start from different places, backgrounds, experiences, and privilege, is the first step towards genuine inclusion.

In the Public Relations industry, we are very fortunate that women and men share similar opportunities. According to Medianet’s 2023 Media Landscape Report, male PR professionals were far more represented in the less than $60,000 per year or more than $100,000 per year pay brackets, while female respondents were better represented in the $60,000 to $99,000 bracket.

This IWD, we take time to show our appreciation for women who have made an extraordinary difference through acts of courage and determination. At VIVA! Communications, we celebrate our award-winning Principal & Co-Owner, Kirsten Bruce.

“During my more than 2.5 decades in the health communications industry, I’ve learned the importance of self-worth, exercising courage, and turning my can’ts into cans, and dreams into plans.

“I strive to share these key learnings consistently through mentoring, empowering, and inspiring women around me to achieve collective, rather than individual success – because knowledge, wisdom and victory are always much sweeter when shared,” said Kirsten.

As we look to the future, it is also important to reflect on the substantial progress we have made to date, in creating a better world for women. Improved access to domestic violence services, advances in economic empowerment, and an enhanced voice in decision-making, leadership, and peace building, are just some of these milestones.

Forging positive change is about challenging stereotypes, calling out discrimination, drawing attention to bias, and seeking out inclusion. Real action is driven by embracing everything that comes with equity – inclusion, diversity, harmony, and unity.

VIVA! Communications urges you to consider how you can embrace and champion equity in health + wellness this International Women’s Day. For ultimately, there will be no health for all, without women’s health.

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