As the bowls of lollies appear in anticipation of those who go door knocking, it’s hard to resist the temptation of a treat…or three. Of course it’s your inner sugar goblin that’s doing all the ghastly work, so why not trick them with a healthy treat that’s so good, it’s scary…

Edible eyes: horribly easy to make and eat! Slice up a carrot, smear with (light) cream cheese and top with a raisin.

Baked Apple Cider Donuts: Save the calories with this freakishly good alternative. Baking means you don’t have to worry about those horrific calories sneaking up on you!

Toffee apples: “Are these healthy?” I hear you ask. Well they can be. With a few modifications (like using protein powder) you’ll save hundreds of calories and that ghastly guilt.

Chocolate Almond Squares: no baking required here, with banana, dates, honey and raw cocoa set perfectly to satisfy those sugar cravings without grisly consequences.

Need to freshen up after all that sugar? Peppermint bonbons are the perfect finish to what could have been a huge sugar hit.

Happy Halloween!