Results, drawn from a 25-yearlong study from the University of Alberta, Canada, ; the average person, upon reaching “middle age” becomes happier as they grow older.

The study focused on a group of people as they aged. The study looked at participants aged between 18 and 43 years. Over 25 years, researchers asked the candidates how happy they were with life at that time, and determined results on a scale of “not happy” to “very happy”.

To make sure the participants didn’t feel obliged to say one or the other, researchers were cautious not to define happiness, but rather let the participants determine themselves. They also refrained from asking specific examples of happiness such as working a fulfilling job or starting a family. [1]

The results showed that for the average person, reaching and going through middle age, actually sees them become happier, rather than unhappy with the fact they are aging.

Although these results did factor in specific circumstances that resulted in the individual being unhappy with their life due to health or personal issues, it does demonstrate that people’s general happiness improves with age.

“It’s important to recognise the diversity of experiences as people move across life,” said study co-author, Dr Nancy Galambos. Galambos is a professor at the University of Alberta and works in the area of developmental sciences and focuses on the development from adolescence to Middle adulthood.

The difference between this study and another is, this study follows the same individuals over time, creating a more valid response and final result.

“If you want to know with more certainty how individuals change, you can’t compare people of different ages,” said study co-author, Dr Harvey Krahn. Dr Krahn also works at the University of Alberta in the Department of Sociology.

[1] ninemsn Coach, January 13, 2016