To further strengthen our global network’s health communications expertise, Global Health Marketing & Communications (GHMC) today announced the addition of its newest member, Monodual Libera Ideas, a Colombian-based strategic communications, and consulting firm.

GHMC is the world’s largest and most robust network of independent healthcare agencies, for which we – VIVA! Communications – have represented exclusively in Australia for the past 12 years.

We welcome Monodual and look forward to partnering with them on strategic communications campaigns moving forward. The addition of Monodual strengthens our GHMC network of more than 700 health-specialist communications professionals operating in 60+ countries, and capabilities of delivering world-class, integrated healthcare solutions to our clients.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new Colombian agency partner, Monodual, to the Global Health Marketing & Communications family,” said GHMC President, Tim Goddard.

Monodual is a consulting strategic communications firm developing ground-breaking, high-impact projects and ideas, which contribute to the progress of healthcare clients and stakeholders. As a partner of GHMC, Monodual will continue to generate impact in the healthcare industry, focusing on strategic results and innovative thinking. Colombia represents a significant strategic market for GHMC and the healthcare industry, boasting South America’s second largest population, and a pharmaceutical sector projected to grow 7 per cent each year, reaching COP (Colombian Peso) 6 billion,

by the end of 2026. These factors, combined with Monodual’s talented workforce, technology, and innovation, make Colombia a strong science hub.  

“Becoming part of GHMC’s partner agencies around the world, and having exclusive representation in Colombia, is the result of extensive work aligned with the agency’s growth, to ensure our clients get the best global experience combined with unparalleled execution,” Monodual Director, Juan David Sánchez said.

Monodual will work hand-in-hand with other leading GHMC agencies in South America, including Paradigma (Argentina), Strategika (Chile), and Tino (Brazil), sharing health communications related resources to help clients both locally and globally.

“VIVA! Communications is proud to be working with GHMC, and all of our partner agencies worldwide. We look forward to working with Monodual and GHMC

“Today we are delighted to be welcoming our newest member, Monodual, to our GHMC family, and further strengthening our network’s marketing and health communications expertise, as we continue to champion health + wellness on a local, regional and global level,” said VIVA! Communications Principal and Owner, Kirsten Bruce.

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