A new digital comic relays the journey of a man diagnosed with prostate cancer, and how he processes the news and learns to manage the disease.

Developed by the Australian Prostate Cancer Research, Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA) and Advanced Prostate Cancer Support Group with financial support from Astellas Pharma Australia, the Advanced Prostate Cancer Xplained comic features the true story of David Wilkinson, a 62 year old Sydneysider who was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

David, who also serves as President of the Nepean/Blue Mountains Prostate Cancer Support Group Inc., Sydney, says although there are no real positives to being diagnosed with prostate cancer, he is thankful for those who surround both himself and his wife, who represent the best support anyone could hope for.

Throughout the two minute video at Advanced Prostate Cancer Xplained, David relays his story direct to camera at home, featuring his caravan in shot, and spending quality time with his wife.

“There was good support in support groups, just talking to other men that have the same sort of disease,” said David.

“My wife found it quite comforting because we encourage wives, partners, and spouses to come along to the group to share, because it’s a disease that affects both sides of the family,” said David.

The comic uses 33 illustrations to capture David’s story to educate readers inadvertently about the process of diagnosis and developments in managing the disease.

According to Stanford University research, people are 22 times more likely to recall information if they are presented facts in story form, rather than on a facts sheet. Hence the comic format.

Dr Anthony Lowe, CEO of PCFA says the story is “very accessible and moving” and he hopes it will help others to understand that it is possible to lead a fulfilling life after receiving such awful news.

To learn more about prostate cancer or to view the comic, head to: http://www.advancedprostatecancerxplained.com.au/