“My 13-year-old son spends a lot of time in his bedroom with the door shut.” “My teenager is texting revealing photos of herself to her boyfriend.” “My son, 8, masturbates at school, often exposing himself to others.” Is this normal?

Family Planning Queensland’s revolutionary book, Is This Normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour, released today is shedding light on child sexual behaviours and helping parents guide healthy sexual development.

According to child sexual abuse prevention expert for Family Planning Queensland (FPQ) and co-author of Is this normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviour, Ms Holly Brennan OAM, sexuality is integral to a person’s life, from birth to death.

“Parents often feel overwhelmed by their children’s sexual behaviours and feelings, so understanding what’s considered normal can ease some of the worries of parenting, while helping to protect their children from harm.

“Most child sexual behaviours are perfectly normal, healthy and nothing to worry about. What’s most important is that your child knows that they can talk to you about their body and relationships and recognise that sexuality is a part of everyday life,” Ms Brennan said.

For more information about Family Planning Queensland, or to order a copy of Is This Normal? Understanding your child’s sexual behaviours (RRP $14.90) visit www.fpq.com.au or call 07 3250 0240.