Leading health + wellness communications agency and exclusive Australian representative and Asia Pacific Hub Lead for GLOBALHealthPR, VIVA! Communications, is celebrating its 18th birthday today – a significant milestone and testimony to the agency’s longstanding commitment to excellence and innovation in the healthcare arena.

VIVA!s birthday celebration today falls in the wake of an unprecedented 2020 landscape marred by apocalyptic bushfires, dust storms, flash floods and a global pandemic, which have collectively, served to bolster the independent agency, its services and culture.

Established in July 2002 by healthcare PR veteran and Fellow of the Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA), Kirsten Bruce, VIVA! Communications is an award-winning, strategy-first communications agency exclusively servicing the health + wellness industry, including the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and technology, and not-for-profit sectors.

“This year marks a watershed in our 18-year-long history. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular, has cultivated an extraordinary issues-rich healthcare environment through which we’ve had the privilege of navigating our much valued clientele.

“This year, we’ve managed to traverse substantial unchartered territory, and to further grow and thrive collectively as an agency, and as individuals,” said Kirsten.

“Most significantly, we’ve entered adulthood. Over the past 18 years at VIVA!, we’ve developed a hard-earned wisdom on many fronts. We’ve acquired an intimate knowledge of the health + wellness arena in which we operate. We’ve learned that hard work pays off, and you ultimately reap what you sow. We’ve learned to roll with the punches, to react maturely to situations, including those beyond our control, and importantly, to ‘own’ all of our decisions, whatever the consequences. We’ve cultivated patience, determination and learned the true value of relationships, both young and old. We’ve learned the importance of transparency at all times, no matter what the outcome. We’ve learned how to take a chance, to be brave, and listen to our gut. We’ve also learned how to pause, breathe and to care for ourselves, and those close to us. These invaluable ‘life learnings’ have served to shape our agency and to benefit our clientele.

“We look forward with much anticipation to what the next 18 years have in store,” Kirsten said.

About VIVA! Communications

VIVA! Communications services a diverse range of health + wellness clientele, from major multi-national, regional and local pharmaceutical, medical device and technology companies, to healthcare professional and industry organisations, to patient advocacy groups, to research institutes and individual clinicians.

To learn more about VIVA! Communications – a GLOBALHealthPR partner – follow us on Facebook at @VivaCommunications and Twitter at @vivacomms.