Today I’m celebrating a couple of milestones – my personal birthday (21 years young!) and that of my company’s. VIVA! turns nine years old today and boy, how the years have flown.

It seems like only yesterday that I plunged myself into unchartered waters and threw the VIVA! doors open, largely servicing a former clientele who had pledged their unswerving loyalty. Built on the shaky foundations of naïve confidence, a sprinkling of confidence and a sure-fire will to succeed, VIVA! was officially open for business.

Cupcakes & chocolate!

For a couple of years I burned the midnight oil, coordinating PR programs and playing hostess to sweet-toothed clients who keenly surrendered the boardroom for a slice home-made chocolate cake and a cup of tea in the comfort of my suburban home. I then abandoned my leafy surrounds for a more corporate residence and purchased an office in the local business district of Chatswood, located conveniently to the dazzling lights of “Pill Hill”.

As I fast-forward to today, we have now outgrown our premises, having just placed our office on the market, and are seeking to relocate to a larger office nearby.

While a day can prove a long time in the world of PR, nine years represents almost a lifetime. Over the years I’ve clocked up countless wins and losses, trials and tribulations, issues and crises, a gorgeous and incredibly supportive husband, two beautiful baby girls (one still nine months old) and lots of blood, sweat and tears. What an incredible journey it’s been.

First birthday celebration withmy beautiful bub Bianka

Birthday celebrations with my girls - Bianka and Zahra

As I continue to learn something new each day, and team VIVA! grows from strength to strength, what remains constant, is the importance of building strong client relationships that last the distance. Unswerving loyalty from certain client quarters has underpinned VIVA!s success. Of particular note is a long-standing client from a global pharma company who has backed VIVA! since day one. His confidence in our services and commitment to our company and its vision has been second to none. And it is to his, and many other clients’ unswerving loyalty and support, to whom I am truly indebted.

Team VIVA! celebrates turning 9

So “cheers” to long-standing client relationships, clocking up nine years and another nine to come!