Australia’s only locally manufactured, quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccine (QIV) received Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approval on July 15, 2016. 

Afluria Quad™, Seqirus’ four-strain, inactivated seasonal influenza vaccine, is indicated for people aged 18 years and older.1 The new quadrivalent vaccine will replace the company’s trivalent vaccine (TIV), Fluvax® for the 2017 flu season. 

Manufactured by the world’s second largest influenza business in Parkville, Melbourne, with operations spanning more than 20 countries, Afluria Quad™ will be supplied locally, and exported globally.

For the past eight years, the Australian manufactured trivalent vaccine has been exported overseas, marketed as Afluria®. The vaccine’s name change from Fluvax® to Afluria® will bring consistency across Seqirus’ global influenza brand portfolio.

Dr Lorna Meldrum, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Asia Pacific says Seqirus is thrilled to be adding Afluria Quad™  to its product portfolio comprising seasonal, pre-pandemic and pandemic influenza vaccines.

“We are excited about the addition of Afluria Quad™ to our extensive pipeline of influenza products. Afluria Quad™ will be available in Australia for the 2017 influenza season.”

“Seqirus (a CSL Limited company) has been continuously manufacturing influenza vaccines for Australians at Australia’s only on-shore influenza vaccine manufacturing facility in Melbourne, since 1942,” Dr Meldrum said.

“We strive to consistently be the first available influenza vaccine in Australia each influenza season.”

“As CSL celebrates its centenary this year, we are exceptionally proud of our record of supporting and prioritising Australian influenza immunisation programs,” said Dr Leong, Head of Medical Affairs, Asia Pacific.

“We remain committed to the ongoing and early supply of influenza vaccine, and to pandemic preparedness, in order to meet our customers’ needs.”

Afluria Quad™ represents the third major influenza product approval for Seqirus this year, which strongly supports the company’s drive for global leadership in influenza.