Afluria Quad™ (inactivated quadrivalent seasonal influenza vaccine (split virion)) (QIV), Australia’s only locally manufactured influenza vaccine, is now available for use in the private market.

Afluria Quad™ – indicated for use in persons aged 18 years and over1 – is also listed on the National Immunisation Program (NIP) for the 2017 influenza season.2

Afluria Quad™ is manufactured by Seqirus, the world’s second largest influenza business, at its plant in Melbourne.  The new QIV will replace the company’s trivalent vaccine (TIV), Fluvax® for the 2017 influenza season.

The vaccine’s name change from Fluvax® to Afluria Quad™ will bring consistency across Seqirus’ global influenza brand portfolio. Afluria® (TIV) has been supplied globally for the past eight years and Afluria Quad™ will be supplied locally and exported globally.

Seqirus provides Australia’s only on-shore influenza vaccine manufacturing facility, consistently striving to bring influenza vaccine to Australia early each year.

Prescribers should review Product Information before prescribing.

WARNING: Afluria Quad vaccine is indicated for use only in persons aged 18 years and over. It must not be used in persons under 18 years (see Contraindications).

Before prescribing, please review Product Information available at