Senior Account Manager at VIVA! Communications

Senior Account Manager at VIVA! Communications, Mel Kheradi, has been working at our agency for 2.5 years. Prior to joining our team, Mel worked as a chiropractor for 10 years. Here she touches on her former life as a chiropractor, including her education and training which enabled her to practice.    

Why did you choose to become a chiropractor and for how long did you practice?

I was really interested in sports rehabilitation and working with people in a healthcare capacity. I was also intrigued by how the body works, so carving out a career as a chiropractor fit that bill really well. I practised for a decade.

Can you reflect on the education and training required to become a chiropractor?

In order to practice as a chiropractor, I completed a Bachelor and a Master’s degree at Macquarie University) and continued ongoing annual professional development to maintain my registration.

What did your typical day Involve as a chiropractor?

I worked two shifts per day – morning and afternoon. I mainly treated families, children and the elderly during the morning and business people during the afternoon. So I had a lovely distribution of people to see and help.

Has your chiropractic background proven useful at VIVA! Communications?

Absolutely! As a chiropractor, I spent hours studying the body and physiology at university and throughout my career. I often treated patients with underlying medical conditions, so I needed to have a good understanding of what those conditions were and how they could impact the people who I was treating. So having that breadth of knowledge has served me well in my role at VIVA! Communications. 

So what does a chiropractor do?

A chiropractor views and assesses the body holistically to determine how the human frame is impacting the function of the nervous system, and how the nervous system dysfunction is impacting the human frame. We try to address the underlying neurological dysfunction by treating the spine (which houses the nervous system). 

What conditions do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors treat many musculoskeletal conditions including repetitive strain injuries, sporting injuries, and posture related injuries.

Treating the nervous system through chiropractic treatment can indirectly impact many aspects of health beyond the musculoskeletal system too.

How often should you see a chiropractor?

If you’re treating an injury, treatment can be as frequent as three times per week. But if you’re having maintenance care to keep your nervous system and spine functioning well, you probably require treatment just once a month.

What are some common chiropractic techniques?

Spinal adjustments, peripheral adjustment, stretching, massage and the activator technique. 

What does a chiropractic adjustment involve?

A chiropractic adjustment is a very small, but high-speed movement targeting a specific joint which “cavitates” the joint i.e. separates the joint surfaces in a very small and specific direction which often results in an audible “popping sound”, commonly referred to as a crack. The targeted, small, high velocity movement aims to reset the neurology of the joint, to help restore normal joint movement.

Is chiropractic treatment appropriate for everyone?

Yes, however the technique used needs to account for the age of the client and any medical conditions that patient may be living with. For example, the techniques used for children and elderly patients are very gentle and low force.