This week marks national Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Week in Australia, which runs from May 3 – 9 each year.

National MND Week aims to acknowledge the MND community, including people living with MND, and commemorates Australian MND advocates and those who have passed away from the disease.

Partnering with the State MND Associations, to raise awareness around the condition, calling on the Government to make the system fair for all people living with MND, and to share their vision of a world without MND.

People living with MND have complex and individual care needs that increase as the disease progresses. Regrettably, not all of their unique care needs can be met under the Australian Government’s current aged care system.

This MND Week calls for Australians to ‘Take Action Now’ by advocating for the rights of people living with MND, to implement an equal system for everyone living with the disease.

To help raise awareness of this disease, MND Australia invites all Australian’s to lend their support by arranging a meeting with their local Member of Parliamemt, writing a letter or email for distribution to the Assistant Minister for Social Services, Senator Mitch Fifield, emailing their story to MND Australia, signing the MND Charter of rights or sharing the MND Week poster.

Learn more about MND Week here.