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Heather, 59 Volunteer & mother-of-two who was struck down by influenza for a fortnight, MELBOURNE

Community volunteer, mother-to-two adult children and “diehard Collingwood supporter” who was awarded a State medal for her bravery during the ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires of 2009, Heather, 59, Melbourne, enjoys the simple things in life, such as gardening, jigsaw puzzles and good coffee.  For years, Heather had a clean bill of health, until she contracted the…

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Garry, 61 Father, grandfather, horticulturalist & avid golfer in favour of in-pharmacy flu vaccination Burnie, TASMANIA

 Married father-to-two and grandfather-to-five, Garry, 61, is the horticulturalist caretaker at Burnie City Park. When Garry isn’t at work, you can find him playing golf, volleyball or tennis with friends.  When Garry was diagnosed with the flu in June, 2016, his professional and personal life was significantly compromised. For three weeks he felt “miserable”, plagued…

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Sheryl, 56 Retired primary school teacher & mother-of-two struck down by influenza, CANBERRA

Recently retired primary school teacher of 35 years, and married mother-to-two, Sheryl, 56, Canberra, has always maintained relatively good health. She enjoys walking, reading and travelling. However, in March, 2016, she was struck down by influenza – a serious respiratory infection that she battled for four weeks. After attending school camp, Sheryl contracted influenza upon…

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